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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

101 Kaptivating KOOL activities to SAVE MONEY indoors

My daughters are always saying they have absolutely nothing to do when they get home from school, when i was their age my imagination ran so wild. I really didn't need much of anything to keep me occupied. I would use my imagination and pretend I'm far away in some enchanted castle and i would find things around the house to make my imagination my own reality.

Because we live in a world surrounded by TECHNOLOGY that using the your imagination becomes obsolete. Television and Internet has our children submissive to doing anything that doesn't require a controller or joystick!!!! well here are a some great ways that you can interact with your children.

1. Have an indoor picnic.
2. Build a fort out of blankets (use chairs, couches, yarn- anything to hold up the blankets!).
3. Make sock puppets (check out our tutorials for monster puppets and sock puppets!).
4. Finger paint with pudding.
5. Playdough- use rolling pins and cookie cutters.
6. Dance PARTY–dance to your favorite songs.
7. Have a tea party.
8. Read nursery rhymes.
9. Make your own indoor hopscotch with masking tape on carpet/wood.
10. Pedicures.

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