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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Being a kid

Understanding a kid is not as hard as it may seem... In fact it's the easiest thing a person can attempt or better yet experience because We all have been there before. Dating back to your earliest memories... All a kid really wants to do is be a kid!!!  Having 2 daughters is teaching me so much... My girls seems as if they're getting bigger by the day...

And by them being the ages 11 & 12 both of them seem to be out growing ME!!!! Now as funny as that may sound well it's not... In fact... It's quite scary...  I'm 32 years of age... My girls shoes & clothing has outgrown me almost a year ago!!! It's amazing watching my young ladies grow into amazing young women...

And all a mother wants is for her children to grow up healthy and safe!!!  Safety and health has always been my number one concern!!!  But the girls of course thinks I'm over reacting when I say They can't have Cereal or Candy for dinner... Lol...  Yes it's OK to laugh at that We all know kids try to pull fast ones on us daily...

But bottom line is that a kid will always be a kid no matter What and We just have to except it as it as and guide them in the right directions!!!!  So here's a few health tips for our growing Kool Kids to help assist in additional upbringing for you and your Kaptivating Kool Kid!!!

also here is some additional information if you are a Vegan

God bless!!!!!

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