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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Life of a "Millionaire" child

Check out this Kaptivating Kool Kid who launched her own Toddler Makeup and jewelry line now reaching over a million in sales... this Child is wonderful children Entrepreneurship!!!!

At age six, Isabella Barrett has launched a $1 million children’s makeup and jewelry line, appeared on countless talk shows, and holds an impressive beauty pageant record.“toddlers-and-tiaras”-star-180204252.html
This little girl has proven on so many different levels that at no matter what age you are... if you have a dream to do something by any means necessary you should chase them!!!!
never let anyone tell you that you cant do anything that you cant put your mind to.  nowadays its simple to give up on things when you have so many different challenges in life... but whatever the case may be work hard and it will eventually pay off.

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