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Friday, April 12, 2013

Healthier Living for babies, toddlers, young children, pre-teens, young adults and the Parents or guardians who love them

Nowadays our children of today have a tendency to get very uninterested easily when they are not involved in any type of extracurricular activities.  Being a parent of two girls and helping to raise a lot of siblings over the years I’ve realized that no matter what it is a child is going to be a child nonetheless.  We all were children and we all reminisce on the days growing up wishing that we can go back to the “Good Old Days” when we didn’t have any worries.  Like most children, kids just want to be involved in something and feel appreciated just like any of us. 

Children want to get involved in everything and the way the world and technology is taking off we sometimes neglect the finer things in life such as going to the parks, taking walks, reading books, listening to stories being told by campfires, or even just throwing a ball in the open fields, children want to get involved in everything.  Anytime I’m in the kitchen cooking my children want to help assist. Anytime I start cleaning my children want to help cleaning so the way we train and teach our children good sanitary practices and great eating regimes we have to consider that we all need to start from somewhere and since we all started as children its best to let the children get involved as early as possible.

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